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SLIGO 2002
Shoot The Crows 6/7/02

Left to right, 1) The Cats 2) Jimmy's bought his Gretch guitar in Sligo 3) Rockin' Sammy in a 'Runaway Boys' T-shirt.
Thanks to Heather for the photos.

Breathnach's Bar 5/5/02

Left to right, 1) The Cats 2) Seán Duff and his partner Geraldine show what they can do on the dance floor 3-4) Rockin' Sammy shows off on the double bass 5-7) The Sabre Jets from Belfast.
Thanks to Brenda for the photos.

Hineys' Bar 25/6/01

1) Hineys' bill of fare for the festival 2) Joe Hiney & Sammy 2) Joe in pensive mood 3) Mir and Olly enjoying the music.
Photos by Padraic Stevens.

Breathnach's Bar 6/5/01

1) Sam & Jim try to work out (over a coffee) how they arrived without a PA system 2) Shiny Jim looks worried about how he's gonna face Tom Stapleton 3) PA system sorted thanks to Q-man, Arthur and Rory - PHEW !!! This calls for a pint.
Photos by Padraic Stevens.

Barrick Street 7/5/00

1) Kevin, Brenda and Jimmy 2) Chef, Paulo, Jim & Sam 3) The Cats on stage at Barrick Street.

Biddy Early's 30/4/00

1) Jo, Mich, Dave, Fintan & Leah 2)Jimmy, Paddy & Cormac

The Dubliner, Apeldoorn

1)The Fiftys gang in the Dubliner 2) Sam on the Bass 3) Mark and Willemiek 4) Cats'n'Kittens

Mulligans, Amsterdam

1) Dancing behind the bar 2) Let's Rock! 3) Amsterdam stage invasion (Donna, Eimer, Áine, Mike & some poor guy getting choaked).

O'Flynn's, Nijmegen

1) Cheers Connie 2) On the beer in Nijmegen

The Shannon, Tilburg

Wave hello to everyone back in Ireland.

Thur 23  -  Maggie Brady's, Den Bosch  9.00pm
Fri  24  -  Paddy Murphy's, Rotterdam 10.00pm
Sat  25  -  The Dubliner, Apeldoorn   10.00pm
Sun  26  -  Cafe Studio, Haarlem       5.00pm
Wed  29  -  Mulligans, Amsterdam       9.00pm
Thur 30  -  The Dubliner, Apeldoorn    9.00pm
Fri   1  -  O'Flynn's, Nijmegen       10.00pm
Sat   2  -  The Shannon, Tilburg      10.00pm
Sun   3  -  Maguire's, Alkmaar         8.00pm


1) Finn Harps verses Salthill 2) Rockin' at the market place.

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